Remember the Time Series: Your Story


Do you remember the time…

This is a play on the famous song by Michael Jackson (see below) where we will profile your 1st trip to Africa (ideally Ghana, but anywhere on the continent is good!)

The Goal: Is to encourage others that haven’t been to the continent by showing them many of their peers that have and the rich experiences they’ve had.

A secondary goal is to help dispel some of the misconceptions some have about traveling/visiting Africa.

If you or any one you know have been to Ghana or Africa, please send them here and follow the directions below the video!


The Format: Short Article or Video

Article format: Blog style - quick story about how and why you made the trip and the experience you had.

Followed by answering these 3 questions

  1. The highlight or most memorable moment of your trip

  2. One thing that you recommend everyone try to do while they’re there

  3. One thing that surprised you

Then conclude by shouting out - #rememberthetimeseries

Video format: Essentially the same content coverage as the article format just in a self-recorded video (selfie-style) we imagine videos to be ~2-3 min. Long

We ask that you conclude your video by shouting out the Great Sankofa and letting folks know about what we’re up to

Once done - we ask that you post the article/video on Facebook or Twitter and mention


You could send to and we’ll post and mention you (our preference is the former, but we’ll take it however we get it!)

BONUS: If you call out/mention any friends that you know have been to the continent and/or want to make a trip to Ghana

Final Note: Do you have any ideas that would make the “Remember the Time” series better or that would improve the process as outlined above? please send your suggestions to - thanks in advance!