The Game Plan

They Say “It Takes a Village”- We’re Building a Global One.


Our immediate plan is simple:

We’re throwing a major event June 19th, 2019 in Detroit to create awareness for our effort to get as many people to Ghana as possible. Given a number of factors (social, cultural, historical, etc.) we believe there’s a major opportunity to use this event to raise funds to subsidize or provide a fully-paid trip to Ghana for black youths (with their families) recent high school graduates, and college students so that they are able to experience this life-changing trip as well.

Executed correctly we believe this event could lay the foundation for an annual event, which could support the efforts of Birthright AFRICA, a not-for-profit educational organization that sponsors a free educational trip to Africa for youth and young adults of African descent ages 13–30 to explore their cultural roots and legacy of innovation.

So we’re reaching out to all our people, several possible partnering organizations and supporters to amplify the possibilities (and we’re hoping that you’ll help us connect whatever dots you know of as well as spread the word!)

We have setup a Steering Committee and 3-sub committees:

Event Committee - focused on the event

Trip Committee - focused on the trip

Marketing Committee - focused on, you guessed it…our marketing efforts

While we have already begun getting things in place stateside, we’ve also begun setting things up in Ghana. Depending on how things shape up and how many people we’re able to coordinate for the trip. We’ll be looking to arrange programming so that certain leaders from the Economic Development, Business, Agricultural, Arts & Fashion world from both sides are able to connect with each other.

The deeper, longer-term plan is to restrengthen our ties. There may be 400 years + 6,000+ miles of water between us, but the blood that runs through us is thicker & much deeper.

Ghana - 2018.jpg